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Jon Burkhart started the world’s first blog dedicated solely to real-time marketing in 2010 and co-authored (with Grant Hunter) a book on real-time marketing called Newsjacking: The Urgent Genius of Real-time Advertising published by Thames & Hudson in April 2013. He builds real-time content labs in agencies  -- from designing the physical space to hiring staff to re-working approval processes. He also leads workshops for his own consultancy Real-time Content Labs and for British Design & Art Direction (D&AD). He's worked with clients like Adidas, Dove, Samsung, Sony and Philips and agencies like AKQA, Lean Mean Fighting Machine, iris, Cheil, Edelman, etc. 

9 Facts About Me, Pale International** Motivational Speaker + My Consultancy TBC Global + 🆓Gift

1️⃣I writes books: Newsjacking: Urgent Genius of Real-time.. ('13), Hacker Maker Teacher.. ('15), Fast Forward Files ('18), Constant Curiosity.. ('19)

2️⃣An award-winning speaker & creator of the Constant Curiosity "Firecracker 🔥Closing Keynote", I use my quick wit to sum up an event's top themes, keeping you engaged til the end. Event planners love a strong finish. 

3️⃣I've created a framework to help brands be more curious. All about asking 'firecracker' questions & adding tension & cliffhanger 🧗‍♂️surprise to stories

4️⃣As a former agency & freelance copywriter (since 1995), I fell in love with crafting tweets in '08 & started Urgent Genius, the world’s real-time marketing blog. This led to my 1st book deal

5️⃣My webinars kill. Happy but pixelated clients in places like: 🇷🇴🇮🇪🇪🇸🇺🇸🇲🇽

6️⃣ Clients love my brand workshops. 🔝topics: Content Strategy, Storytelling, Innovation. He makes shiny/new toys (AI? Blockchain?) simple & fun. 

7️⃣HR folk love my 'soft skills' training: Employee Engagement, Brainstorming, Enneagram For Biz, Constant Curiosity 

8️⃣I'm 8 for 8 as a SXSW speaker. Am I the 1st to speak at the world's largest tech fest 8 years in a row? Advisory Board last 5.

9️⃣Top gigs: Google, Samsung📱, Uber 🚖, LinkedIn, BMW, Deloitte, Accenture, 📺(C4/BBC/MTV), GSK💊, Bath Rugby 🏉 + events in the Balkans 🇷🇸🇲🇰 & Baltics 🇳🇴🇩🇰 where I'm "a bit of a big deal" 😉(like Anchorman) 

BONUS FACT: A former US 🇺🇸Soccer employee, I speak at conferences where the NBA 🏀MLB⚾NHL🏒Premier League ⚽️ gather

BONUS FACT 2️⃣: I host a beachside "learn with a beer in hand' gig at Cannes Lions 🦁🇫🇷 

TAKE MY CURIOSITY TEST & GET YOUR OWN TRADING CARD: Email/Tweet/Insta how curious you are 1-100 & why to me: jon@tbcglobal.live @jonburkhart 📷@tbcglobal

**INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER? I've worked in 30+ countries but prefers ones that love 🏀⚽️🥩🍺🕺(see flags ⬆️)